About hyderabad city essay

The Salarjung Museum Collection Salarjung Museum is one of the much lauded tourist attractions of Hyderabad City and it is full of many interesting objects. It is a royal treat to the connoisseurs with a collection of over 43000 art objects, 9000 manuscripts and 47000 printed books. The collections include Indian Art, Middle Eastern Art, Far Eastern Art, European Art, Children Art along with a Founders gallery and a rare manuscript section. Indian Art includes stone sculptures, bronze images, jade carvings, painted textiles, wood carvings, miniature paintings, modern art, ivory carvings, textiles, metal-ware, manuscript, arms & armor etc. Middle Eastern Art contains the collection of carpets, paper (manuscripts), glass, metal-ware, furniture, lacquer etc. from Persia, Arabia, Syria, and Egypt. Collection of Far Eastern Art exhibit porcelain, bronze, enamel, lacquerware, embroidery, painting, wood & inlay work from China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal and Thailand etc. Oil and watercolor paintings form an important part of the European Collection.

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About hyderabad city essay

about hyderabad city essay


about hyderabad city essayabout hyderabad city essayabout hyderabad city essayabout hyderabad city essay