Alien essay

However, their work only granted me a chance to dream; not a chance to accomplish. Only the government could grant me that. So for years I lived under the notion of fear and uncertainty. Dreamers like me kept their dreams and secured them in a box called “Limitations”. It was until the arrival of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) that things changed for us. DACA enabled us to pursue and achieve more. For me it meant an opportunity at pursuing higher education, obtaining a job, and acquiring something called: temporary security. One year of this security from deportation was what made the beginning of my dream a success. I was free from the fear of deportation and that enabled me to gain confidence in my abilities.

As the lights come on, the seven clear-plastic lids of padded, coffin-like cribs rise up (three on each side and one in the rear). Six visible crew members - with a seventh unseen member in the rear - are lying prone in the bunks, each wearing a white loincloth or shorts. One of the crew members named Kane stirs first, slowly sits up, sleepily takes breaths, and then stands. A second crew member also awakens. They have been prematurely jarred awake from their hibernating, hyper-sleep, womb-like state by the electronic pulsing of the starship's computer, affectionately named 'Mother.' They have been forcibly 'birthed' or pushed out of the nest by 'Mother.' (Although they don't know it yet, an urgently-repeating radio signal - a distress signal - has been received from a downed space vessel on an uncharted planet, and the computer has responded by alerting the crew.)

Artistic film has never been far from philosophy, and Alien  is no exception. The movie contains a brilliant discussion from Ash, a man who is in fact not essentially a man, but a robot created to achieve corporate gain (himself being a very full example of existentialist issues), who makes a challenging argument for the Alien  as the hero of the story. He is essentially heralding the Alien as a Nietzschean anti-hero, above morally and powerful enough to get what he wants. Combine that with the Alien's quazi-human origins, and there are some interesting implications to explore.

Alien essay

alien essay


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