Apa citation format dissertations

Online document:
Author's name. (Date of publication). Title of work . Retrieved month day, year, from full URL

Note: When citing Internet sources, refer to the specific website document. If a document is undated, use "." (for no date) immediately after the document title. Break a lengthy URL that goes to another line after a slash or before a period. Continually check your references to online documents. There is no period following a URL.
Note: If you cannot find some of this information, cite what is available.

Sometimes, references are driving students crazy. You have already created a paper, revised it for several times, and want to get rid of it finally. However, you have one more task left – referencing. Thus, you have to approach this aspect seriously, because wrong referencing can bring you problems, from a lower grade to a plagiarism offense. Well, it’s true – a quotation without a reference is a real crime for the academic community. If you don’t want to be blamed for plagiarism – make sure to use our APA website reference generator! This tool will help you create perfect citations, references, bibliographies, and even footnotes/endnotes.

Apa citation format dissertations

apa citation format dissertations


apa citation format dissertationsapa citation format dissertationsapa citation format dissertationsapa citation format dissertations