Archaeology dissertation topics

Archaeology programmes at Exeter are designed to develop your skills of analysis, assessment and interpretation as well as the production of written and oral reports. The broad-based skills acquired during your degree will give you an excellent grounding for a wide variety of careers, not only those related to archaeology but also in wider fields such as teaching, media and business. Many of our students successfully progress to postgraduate study or training in a range of areas. Your employability skills are also enhanced through a range of careers initiatives we offer that are specific to the profession, including ‘professional modules’ involving work experience.

We also want to acknowledge two SRI Foundation staff – Matthew Dawson, PIT Clearinghouse Program Manager, and Stacey Chambliss, Volunteer Coordinator. Matt and Stacy currently run the PIT Clearinghouse. They have done an excellent job managing the Clearinghouse over the past several years, and worked hard to improve the PIT website, e-newsletter, and added the full range of social media to the PIT program. Thank you Matt and Stacey! We also want to acknowledge Carol Ellick, who expertly managed the Clearinghouse for many years when the Clearinghouse was run through Statistical Research, Inc., and then the SRI Foundation. Matt and Stacey took over the management of the Clearinghouse after Carol and her husband, Joe Watkins, moved to Washington, . for their next adventure.

The Faculty of Arts boasts of an excellent staff-student relationship, which students coming from other universities sometimes find impressive.  Although student numbers have grown over recent years, the staff-student ratio is still a good one.  While some classes can be large, most classes are small enough to allow for more personalised and participatory learning/teaching practices such as tutorials, seminars and workshops.

Students in the Faculty of Arts are among the most active in student life and participate readily in exchange programmes.  The presence of a significant number of overseas students, in regular enrolment or on exchange visits, enriches the experience of students and academic staff alike.

Archaeology dissertation topics

archaeology dissertation topics


archaeology dissertation topicsarchaeology dissertation topicsarchaeology dissertation topicsarchaeology dissertation topics