Average thesis length

In other words, students want to know average thesis or dissertation length . We are glad to explain you everything about it right now.
The point is that there is no such thing as the “average thesis/dissertation length”. Average thesis length or dissertation length varies from institution to institution and program to program. It also means that time needed to complete a project will be different too.
Thus, it is better to discuss necessary specifications as to your thesis or dissertation length with an advisor. Here we want to present you a couple of situations that will explain you everything.
Thesis or dissertation length : situation #1
Say, you are about to start writing a PhD dissertation or thesis on History . Average length of this work varies from 70 to 125 pages.
Your first draft will be approximately 70 pages long. By the time you finish the project, it will be 80-85 pages long.
Thesis or dissertation length : situation #2
There is another a bit different situation. You have to write a Masters dissertation or thesis. You get all details about necessary thesis length and time frames for the completion of each part. They are as follows:

Obtaining a Masters degree sometimes involves writing and presenting a thesis paper, which includes the outcomes of the student’s thesis work plus references to current and prior research in the field of study. To obtain a PhD, one must usually contribute something original and important to existing research, so the final paper (which is the length of a book) includes both references to existing prior research and, more importantly, a detailed discussion and analysis of the PhD candidate’s research contributions in her or his field.

Average thesis length

average thesis length


average thesis lengthaverage thesis lengthaverage thesis lengthaverage thesis length