Breast cancer essay introduction

Breast cancer is curable and treated on the basis of stage and patient's general health. However, with the advent of modern technologies and medical facilities the disease is well manageable. 8 out of 10 patients are successfully treated and lead normal life afterwards. The various procedures that are followed while treating the carcinoma are: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical removal of the affected breast tissue. Again, the choice of treatment is different for different patients. The overall health of the patient and the stage and type of cancer are the factors that lead to the selection of treatment module most beneficial for the patient.

"We knew that we had to tell the story of what we’d just been through," St. Clair writes about the decision to write her diagnosis into the show. "Our real story is that with the help of her best friend, and the people who love her, my character is able to get through the treatment and actually emerge somehow happier and more fulfilled than she was before she was diagnosed. We hope that by sharing my experience — our experience, Lennon and I — that somebody who is going through this process or helping their loved one through it might feel less alone, and might even have some better information for their cancer care."

Medications for treatment of breast cancer belong to four categories. First category is of ant metabolites which inhibits action of metabolite as these compounds are similar in structurally to metabolites. Medications belonging to this category are 5 fluorouracil and methothrexate. Second categories of medication are antibiotics like doxorubicin and epirubicin. Third categories of medications are inhibitors of microtubule formation like paclitaxel which belong to taxol group. Forth category of medication is alkylating agents like cyclophosphamide. All these medicatins act differently. Alkylating agents like cyclophosphamide gets activated in liver by cyt p450 enzyme and leads to alkylation of DNA. Antibiotic like doxorubicin acts by intracting with molecular oxygen leading to formation of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide which ultimately leads to single step breakdown of DNA. Taxol group act by binding reversibly to beta tubulin and leads to over stabalization of beta tubulin which is non functionalthis result in cell death of infected cells. All treatment possesses a number of side effects. Cyclophosphamide causes bone marrow depression. Paclitaxel causes neutropenia that is decrease in number of neutrophils. Methothrexate shows renal demage, hepatic function alteration and pulmonary toxicity. Fluoro uracil shows bone marrow depression as major toxicity.

Breast cancer essay introduction

breast cancer essay introduction


breast cancer essay introductionbreast cancer essay introductionbreast cancer essay introductionbreast cancer essay introduction