Burning fuels coursework

To one of the reviews that wondered what sugar alcohol was…it is the artificial sweetner Malitol. It will bloat you up with gas and make your stomach hurt really bad. I don’t understand why this company can’t use Xylitol or Organic Stevia instead…totally beyond me. Why are they called Think Think? when the calories are high,fat grams are high, carbs are high and then top it off with a nasty fake sweetner to make our stomachs hurt. I tried to see the ingredients on some of the bars and there is NO link, just the calories, etc. It’s not worth wasting valuble money to feel bad. Sorry, I give 1/8 a star vote, please improve the sweetner.

In order to prevent land pollution, individual should be more focused on buying bio-degradable products and the products can also be recycled, . recycling the inorganic materials should be an important focus. As far as organic compounds are considered, they can be dumped in places which are far away from residential places or agricultural lands. Reducing the use of pesticides and insecticides can also aid land pollution prevention. Oil spilling has to be taken care of. Anti-littering campaigns can be initiated to create awareness about ill-effects of littering.

Burning fuels coursework

burning fuels coursework


burning fuels courseworkburning fuels courseworkburning fuels courseworkburning fuels coursework