Cheat class essay

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Back in the present, Benjy and Luster walk down toward the “branch,” or stream, that runs through the Compson property. The branch causes Benjy to recall the day his grandmother, Damuddy, was buried in 1898 . Benjy is only three years old at the time and his disability has not yet been discovered. In this memory, Quentin, Caddy, Jason, and Benjy are all playing together in the stream. The children’s black attendant, Versh, tells Caddy she will be whipped for getting her dress wet, so she takes the dress off. However, Caddy gets mud on her underclothes. Walking back to the house, Caddy and Quentin worry that Jason will tattle to their parents about Caddy’s wet clothes. The children see Roskus milking a cow in the barn, which shifts Benjy to a memory of Caddy’s wedding in 1910 .

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Cheat class essay

cheat class essay


cheat class essaycheat class essaycheat class essaycheat class essay