Churchill essay painting as a pastime

Warren Wilson College, a school known for attracting liberal students, is seeking to recruit conservative students in effort to "broaden [their] appeal to those with all kinds of worldviews." Other college and university leaders claim that the 2016 election serves as inspiration for this initiative and they are also fearful that "their institutions are disconnected from conservatives who make up a majority in much of the country." [...] Parents Save More for Sons’ College Education September 26, 2017

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Russ Roberts: Well, I want to--let's talk about that a little, because you mention the lack of empathy. I am reminded when I read about Churchill, sometimes--and this may strike some listeners or you as strange--but reminded of Steve Jobs, a very difficult person to work for. A little bit self-centered; a little bit focused on what they think they know is the only way to go. And yet despite that, they inspire tremendous loyalty in the people who work for them; and they work very hard. Again, in the Churchill War Rooms, you can't ignore the fact--you can't help but notice the fact that you get to listen on your earphones to the diaries of some of the people who worked there. And he treated them, you know, like dogs. He made them work relentlessly, because he thought Western civilization was at stake. And he was onto something there. And, despite that, they were so eager to serve him--for his charisma? I don't know. But it reminded me of Jobs in that way.

Churchill essay painting as a pastime

churchill essay painting as a pastime


churchill essay painting as a pastimechurchill essay painting as a pastimechurchill essay painting as a pastimechurchill essay painting as a pastime