Content-based audio retrieval thesis

Content Based Information (CBI) is a powerful innovation in acquiring & enhancing a language. In its best form, language lessons are blended with stimulating content. The students focus on the subject matter than the language learning process. Supporting students' success by engaging them in challenging & informative activity helps them learn complex skills. The students learn language the students motivated & interested in the language training is the profound advantage of CBI. When students are interested & motivated in the material they are learning, they maker greater connections to life situations, learning language becomes a fun & easy activity, information is retained for long to educational psychologists the only way to learn a language is through a subject we are passionate about. And this is especially true for adult English learners.  Hence, learning a language in contemporary classrooms is not effective.  Classroom's pattern of teaching is limited to grammar, reading & comprehension. The students are not particularly interested in the subject content & have few practical of CBI:1. Learners are exposed to a considerable amount of language through stimulating content. Learners explore interesting content & are engaged in appropriate language-dependant activities. Learning language becomes . CBI supports contextualized learning; learners are taught useful language that is embedded within relevant discourse contexts rather than as isolated language fragments. Hence students make greater connections with the language & what they already know. This enhances the practical usability for the . Complex information is delivered through real life context for the students to grasp well & leads to intrinsic . In CBI information is reiterated by strategically delivering information at right time & situation compelling the students to learn out of . Greater flexibility & adaptability in the curriculum can be deployed to suit students -of-Classroom Content Based Instruction for English as Second Language (ESL) Learners:"More of the learning of a language is simply by the exposure of living. Much that passes for education is not education at all but a ritual. The fact is that we are being educated when we know it least".-David P. Gardner'Espoir Smart English' is the only software for ESL learners using CBI. Learners learn English through Management Ideas, Cricket, Movies, Love & Romance, Technology & Science, Success Secrets, Wit-n-Wisom, pay attention to the content as these are of specialized interest & can learn for more than 700 hrs. This program is specially designed for the adult mind to learn English for their success in career, social, love & personal lives. It is a combination of Content Based Instruction & Theme Based Learning to help ESL :The integration of language & content teaching is perceived by the European Commission as "an excellent way of making progress in a foreign language". CBI effectively increases learners' English language proficiency & teaches them the skills necessary for the success in various CBI, learners gradually acquire greater control of the English language, enabling them to participate more fully in an increasingly complex academic & social environment.

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Content-based audio retrieval thesis

content-based audio retrieval thesis


content-based audio retrieval thesiscontent-based audio retrieval thesiscontent-based audio retrieval thesiscontent-based audio retrieval thesis