Daily routine essay in english

4 Minute Stretching Routine for Desk Sitters: I like to do a full squat (60 seconds), shoulder dislocates (10 reps, ~1 minute), and the couch stretch (60 seconds each leg) each day. I find these three stretches target the primary problem areas for people who sit all day. Squats open up your hips, shoulder dislocates open up your thoracic spine, and the couch stretch opens up your hip flexors. All three tend to contract over time from prolonged sitting, which is why you see old people at the supermarket who look like a curled over C.

The first example of a daily routine will show someone talking about his morning routine in Spanish, “la rutina de la mañana”. Sequence words like “Primero” (first), “Luego” (then), “Antes de” (before), “Después de” (after) and “Finalmente”(finally) will be used in most descriptions to connect ideas. This will make the descriptions more real and complete. Pay attention to the way the vocabulary for daily routines in the box is used to make meaningful sentences and a complete paragraph.

Daily routine essay in english

daily routine essay in english


daily routine essay in englishdaily routine essay in englishdaily routine essay in englishdaily routine essay in english