Difficulties speaking english essay

The Centre for Independent Studies published Read About It: Scientific Evidence for Effective Teaching of Reading by Kerry Hempenstall, edited by Jennifer Buckingham, focusing on the large and rigorous body of scientific evidence from the 1960’s to 2015, identifying the key elements of high quality reading instruction and demonstrating that explicit instruction methods are the most effective way of teaching reading, especially for novice readers and children at-risk of reading failure. Available at:  https:///publications/research-reports/read-about-it-scientific-evidence-for-effective-teaching-of-reading  

This article is very informative in detailing the types of children at risk for low-level reading proficiency. What I most want to comment on is how much I agree that our schools need to deviate from the normal "one way" system of educating students, and instead evaluate them on an individual basis. We are not doing our children any favors in assuming they are all at the same skill level, as this creates issues in self-confidence and finds us with children whom are discouraged at a level behind others. In knowing all the state and school regulation that dictates curriculum, there needs to be a state-wide plane to restructure our educational system. One that educates our teachers more efficiently-- with more skills, such as those counselors need to take, diversity classes, and certificate programs which allow teachers to evaluate children individually. I think then, we will see change in things such as reading proficiency.

Difficulties speaking english essay

difficulties speaking english essay


difficulties speaking english essaydifficulties speaking english essaydifficulties speaking english essaydifficulties speaking english essay