E-marketing thesis pdf

It is indeed a very useful article to follow for ARIMA, I understand it much better now, thanks.
A few questions:
a) on your Part 3 it says: “for a significant correlation the horizontal bars should fall outside the horizontal dotted lines”, should it be the vertical bars instead?
b) on Part 4, I see that you use on log10(data), should we use log10(data) or diff(log10(data)) or data itself?
c) when I use fit <- Arima(data, order=c(0,1,1)), why do I get different AIC, AICc, BIC values as what you have?

Curriculum 2
Public opinion research and communication methods
I Year 
1 Data Analysis or Web communication 
2 Comparative Political  Behaviour or Communication research  
3 Media and Politics   
4 Public opinion analysis  
5 Survey methods  
6 Digital media and global communication or political Marketing & Public Affairs  
7 Research Methods    

E-marketing thesis pdf

e-marketing thesis pdf


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