Essay on job motivation

Convenient sampling was used to get data and two departments in Zong and two departments of Ufone were visited. In Zong, IT department and customer relationship department were been under observation and in Ufone, marketing and customer relation department. Sample of thirty was been distributed and got feedback from both the organization. Also verbal conversations were made to have conformity of the data collected. All the data collected is been edited by the researchers. There was very high response rate as it was a convenient sampling and getting feedback was quiet different from other sampling methods.

3. Positivity – If you follow the first two, you are bound to stay positive and in the end you are bound to get a good result. Think of all the good stuff that has happened to you or that you dream of happening to you in your near future. Free yourself from the fears and worries , empty your mind from all the thoughts that are holding you back, because once you do it you’ll create space for only winning. You are responsible for the energy you create around yourself , so why not create an optimistic one? Do not injure yourself by the negative ideas, which you entertain!
You can do it because you chose at the first place to do it… So just don’t let anyone or anything spoil this moment for you!

Essay on job motivation

essay on job motivation


essay on job motivationessay on job motivationessay on job motivationessay on job motivation