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SF: No, I don’t think so. The only thing I have to offer is a story. As you may know, Smith became president of the Photo League, which was indeed listed as subversive by the Attorney General’s office. According to a biography of Smith, he agreed to become president in 1947 right after that list appeared—to contradict the listing and any suspicions about the organization! He said, “I became president because I felt they [the attorney general’s office] were wrong, and I was clean enough to be practically untouchable.” His close colleague, photographer Walter Rosenblum, said later he felt Gene was not a particularly political person—or not, I would add, any more or less political than any Popular Front intellectual in that period. Classic mid-century left-leaner, I would say. Though not typical in any other way.

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Eugene smith pittsburgh essay

eugene smith pittsburgh essay


eugene smith pittsburgh essayeugene smith pittsburgh essayeugene smith pittsburgh essayeugene smith pittsburgh essay