Ghostwriter i just in time part 2

Somebody needs to call the competition committee – Diddy’s responsible for a good 40% of the ghostwriting economy. It’s an old joke, and it’s something of an unfair too: the Bad Boy CEO is the most brazenly open about his lyric-farming, which is certainly preferable to the subterfuge no doubt going on with much more supposedly ‘credible’ artists. Still, Diddy loves a ghostwriter: Biggie, Skillz, Royce Da 5’9″, Fabolous and scores more have helped him out to some degree or other. We’ve plumped for the Pharoahe Monch-penned ‘The Future’, if only because the flow is so transparently Monch’s, it’s practically a karaoke job.

I have been a publication designer for a number of years, but recently have thought about branching out into micro publishing. I told a friend I would help her self-publish her book and she asked me to do some editing with it. BOY! I started editing, and I couldn’t understand most of the sentences. She had written the entire book (which is a self-help religious book) in two months and hadn’t even reread her own work before passing it off to me as complete. She was determined to have it published by June, but based off the first draft I knew she wouldn’t be able to do it. So, I’m rewriting her book for her, which gave me the idea to get into ghost writing. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and it never occurred to me until now to give ghostwriting a try.

We exist in pursuit of sincere excellence. We believe that fine storytelling is driven by sincere human emotion. That’s where Ghostwriters Central always excels, and where the competition too often falls short. This is a medium of feeling . As such, our work is intense, compelling, hilarious, heartbreaking — whatever the task at hand calls for. We’re not cool guys; we run hot . If we can’t feel it, then you won’t feel it — and nobody else will, either. We love it when our clients say they laughed, or cried, or got ignited or inspired. And we’ve made that happen thousands of times. This is all about transferring emotion from one party to another. That’s how the reader/audience grows. That’s what people literally mean when they say they were “moved.”

Ghostwriter i just in time part 2

ghostwriter i just in time part 2


ghostwriter i just in time part 2ghostwriter i just in time part 2ghostwriter i just in time part 2ghostwriter i just in time part 2