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Thanks for the comment/question. At first I was just spooning the PB into the packet, after reading a few of the comments I received I put the PB into a zip lock bag, cut the corner off and squeezed the PB into the packet. As for sealing the packet, leave enough space at the top (opening) to fit into the food saver and vacuum seal. I haven't had any trouble with the PB being sucked into the food saver during sealing. If you over fill the packet and get any PB along the area that will end up being the sealed seam you don't get a complete seal. Hope that answers your question.

Thanks again and as always, Train to Survive!

Hi, Tarryn +*+*+
Im Darai I live in Thailand and Im have a problem with PCOS since I was 12. I just found your website and I get a lot of knowledge from your kind posting the blog , its make me know more about myselve too. Sorry if I use wrong gramma to communicate with you English is not my native languese. I read your website and thinks its amazing !! I got hope to fight with my sympthom againd . And wanna say thanks to you so much to lets me know about this sympthom so clearly than my doctor. In thailand the pcos knowledge is very poor, I met a lot of doctor in famous hospital but everyone not told me anything they just gave me birth control pill . And once I found out on the internet that metformin can help pcos with insulin resistant and other sympthom so I asks the doctor to give me metformin then she say ” You can take it but ai thinks its doesnt help “. well now im very sad and frustrate in my pcos life , and im found out the pcos people in my country dont know about the way to cure or improove sympthom much more.

I’ve had gallbladder pain for over a year now, but only recently found out that is what it was. The ultrasound showed no stones, but the HIDA showed a lower empty rate than normal. My doctor isn’t pushing the gallbladder removal which is nice. I want to be trying for children sometime in the nearish future, and am concerned about potential problems during pregnancy. I have already spoken to my OBGYN and have a call into my GI doctor, but I found your site am interested in any suggestions you may have for a healthy gallbladder during pregnancy.

Helpping for your case study

helpping for your case study


helpping for your case studyhelpping for your case studyhelpping for your case studyhelpping for your case study