Henry viii foreign policy essay

During his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon , Henry conducted an affair with Mary Boleyn , Catherine's lady-in-waiting . There has been speculation that Mary's two children, Henry and Catherine Carey , were fathered by Henry, but this has never been proved, and the King never acknowledged them as he did Henry FitzRoy. [54] In 1525, as Henry grew more impatient with Catherine's inability to produce the male heir he desired, [55] [56] he became enamoured of Mary Boleyn's sister, Anne , then a charismatic young woman of 25 in the Queen's entourage. [57] Anne, however, resisted his attempts to seduce her, and refused to become his mistress as her sister Mary Boleyn had. [58] [nb 1] It was in this context that Henry considered his three options for finding a dynastic successor and hence resolving what came to be described at court as the King's "great matter" . These options were legitimising Henry FitzRoy, which would take the intervention of the pope and would be open to challenge; marrying off Mary as soon as possible and hoping for a grandson to inherit directly, but Mary was considered unlikely to conceive before Henry's death; or somehow rejecting Catherine and marrying someone else of child-bearing age. Probably seeing the possibility of marrying Anne, the third was ultimately the most attractive possibility to the 34-year-old Henry, [60] and it soon became the King's absorbing desire to annul his marriage to the now 40-year-old Catherine. [61] It was a decision that would lead Henry to reject papal authority and initiate the English Reformation .

Henry viii foreign policy essay

henry viii foreign policy essay


henry viii foreign policy essayhenry viii foreign policy essayhenry viii foreign policy essayhenry viii foreign policy essay