How to avoid depression

Q. what causes depression? A. You need to define what you mean by depression. Clincal depression is one thing and feeling low from time to time is another. There is a lot of good information at your finger tips on the www. You may want to shy away from those websites that are paid for my the pharmacutical companies. They want to sell you their drugs. What is the cause of your depression? Are there one or two things that you can point to? If you are clinically depressed, see a dr., that is, if you can get out of bed...If you are depressed due to family, or the fools in Washington, those are things that you may work out with your minister or rabbi or a therapist. I have found a lot of good information on therapy and therapists on
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For the study, researchers gave some mice caffeine in their drinking water while others received plain water. The mice were exposed to sudden, stressful situations three weeks after starting this caffeine regimen, which included damp bedding, sharing living space with other mice, being deprived of food and water, cold baths, and having cages tilted at 45-degree angles. The researchers found only mice that went without caffeine experienced stress-induced changes to their brains and behavior. What’s more, the same changes occurred when the mice were given a drug meant to block adenosine receptor activity, as well as when all genes for adenosine receptors were deleted.

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How to avoid depression

how to avoid depression


how to avoid depressionhow to avoid depressionhow to avoid depressionhow to avoid depression