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His ideas of tolerance were so significant that they had a large influence on William Penn, the Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania, who was a student of Owen. And it is significant to me as a Baptist that in 1669 he wrote, with several other pastors, a letter of concern to the governor and congregationalists of Massachusetts pleading with them not to persecute the Baptists. 27 Pastoral Ministry
During these 23 years after 1660, Owen was a pastor. Because of the political situation, he was not always able to stay in one place and be with his people but he seemed to carry them on his heart even when he was moving around. Near the end of his life he wrote to his flock, “Although I am absent from you in body, I am in mind and affection and spirit present with you, and in your assemblies; for I hope you will be found my crown and rejoicing in the day of the Lord.” 28

In contrast, Calvin does not separate remembering and feeding.  He sees in the memorialist viewpoint a danger of dividing the signs of the Supper (bread and wine) from the things signified (Christ’s body and blood).  The Supper ‘is not a bare figure, but is combined with the reality and substance.’ [52]   Whilst it is correct to distinguish the sacrament from the reality it signifies, one must not divide them: sign and signified belong together; therefore, it is right to speak of Christ’s presence in the Supper, for in order for us to feed on Christ, he must be present.  Calvin’s ‘argument with the Roman Catholics and Lutherans was over the mode of Christ’s presence, not the fact of that presence.’ [53]

John calvin essay

john calvin essay


john calvin essayjohn calvin essayjohn calvin essayjohn calvin essay