Organisational behaviour essays

This module helps students understand how people think, feel and behave as individuals and groups in and around organisations. Students will acquire insights into the cognitive and affective elements underpinning behaviours of individuals in workplace settings, design and development of work teams and organisations, and management of behavioural issues affecting organisational effectiveness. The module aims to enable students to become better employees and people managers as well as develop effective organisations. It
 is a multidisciplinary module that draws from sociology, psychology and management, with a focus on applying research-based theories and concepts to anticipate how people will behave, explain the behaviours and get things accomplished in organisations. This is done through the examination of issues from individual, team and organisational levels.

Thus, we can say that we cannot study individual behaviour completely without learning something about the organisation. On the other hand, we cannot study the organisations without studying the behaviour of the individuals working in it. This is because the organisation influences and is influenced by the people working in it. Moreover, both the individuals and the organisation are influenced by the external environment. Thus, the field of organisational behaviour is a complex field. It seeks to throw light on the entire canvas of human factor in the organisations which will include the causes and effects of such behaviour.

Organisational behaviour essays

organisational behaviour essays


organisational behaviour essaysorganisational behaviour essaysorganisational behaviour essaysorganisational behaviour essays