Paper industry market research

Salient features of our PC1000i Paper cup machine.

  • Could manufacture 45 to 50 cups of various sizes, per minute
  • Could operate in both single phase and three phase power supply
  • Incorporates easily available and changeable moulds
  • Total power requirement of Watts
  • Weighs more than 2000 Kgs.
  • Usage of PLC system that minimizes wastage
  • Manufactured with spares from leading companies like ABB, SIEMENS, LG, ROLLAND, and GENATIC
  • We send raw materials to your place itself
  • We also assist you to sell your products
  • The PC1000i is manufactured considering, the changing cultural and business opportunities and will give you a pleasant experience and business assurance.
  • The PC1000i is designed considering our countries industrial revolution and job opportunities and will be in the forefront of your success.
  • We would also like to say, our paper cup machines will definitely lift your economic status and success to greater heights.

Paper industry market research

paper industry market research


paper industry market researchpaper industry market researchpaper industry market researchpaper industry market research