Sample fantasy essay

Crystals reflect and refract light waves that strike them. Because different colors of light are refracted both from the front surface and the back surface of a crystal, and because the colors refract at slightly different angles (based on the different wavelengths), crystals can generate “rainbow” reflections. This is also why soap bubbles show rainbow surface colors.  By manipulating the thickness of a refractive film melded on a reflective cloth, the effect is like a mirror of varying thickness with a silvered background.  Because of the varying thickness of the film, rainbow colors are going to be seen when light is incident on the cloth.  Moreover, if the thickness of the refractive layer is controlled, patterns of rainbows can result, making this useful for everything from dynamic couture dresses to billboard advertisements that are eye-catching without requiring expensive electronics or battery operated equipment—and that’s what makes it practical for clothing and other portable items.    

First there is the setting theme(s). Setting themes depict where it is the action is taking place. In this ad, there are a variety of different athletic venues depicted in which the physical setting takes place for athletes to become legendary. For example, there is a basketball court (P3, P8, P15, P20, P21), a boxing ring (P12-13), a baseball field (P5-6), and football field (P11, P17-18). All of these different physical places are where athletes go to train and perform to become legendary. We here the narrator state various inspirational lines pertaining to ones performance such as, “It’s about work before glory” (L10-11) and that it is about “Taking everything you have been given, and making something better” (L8-9). This suggests to the audience that practice and hard work in whatever sport you choose to compete in, are required if you wish to become legendary.

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Sample fantasy essay

sample fantasy essay


sample fantasy essaysample fantasy essaysample fantasy essaysample fantasy essay