Statement of purpose research paper

Hi Navneet, MBA programs typically require work experience but universities do admit freshers if the profile is outstanding but very competitive. Since you are in your first year you have time to build your profile, do very well in your academics, take part in extracurriculars ( voluntary work, project work, events etc). Since you will be competing with MBA applicants ( having work experience) you must work extra hard on your profile.

Alternatively you can look for MS Management programs which do not require work experience.

Hope it helped. Feel free to revert.

During the holidays after the second-year exam, in the month-long internship in the state-of-the-art Engineering and Research Center of Tata Motors, I worked under expert researchers and learnt from them the principles of aerodynamics and their effect on the design considerations for Ground Vehicles. I learnt something of Computational Fluid Dynamics and found it most interesting and essential for further work in Design. Therefore, I have opted to study CFD as the elective subject in the eighth semester. It will assist me in creating 'the most suitable solutions'.

Statement of purpose research paper

statement of purpose research paper


statement of purpose research paperstatement of purpose research paperstatement of purpose research paperstatement of purpose research paper