The necklace thesis statement

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This Silver Large Crushed Lobster Shell Necklace With Pearl is designed by now Mainer, Tenley. Tenley is a jewelry designer and creator and uses lobster shells from local lobstermen in her community as the focus for her jewelry. Born in Southern California, she was first inspired to create jewelry upon discovering the natural beauty found in abalone shells. From there she delved into working with pearls and semi-precious gemstones. Tenley spent her summers in Maine and moved here permanently in 2005. Tenley earned her BA from Kenyon College in a collaborative major combining the disciplines of biology, economics and political science. Research for her thesis brought her back to the Maine coast, examining the lobster industry from three perspectives: that of the lobstermen, the natural habitat/biological influences and the overall government regulations on the lobster industry. Her interest in shells, nature-created beauty and lobster fishing in Maine synthesized into Lobster Designs.

The necklace thesis statement

the necklace thesis statement


the necklace thesis statementthe necklace thesis statementthe necklace thesis statementthe necklace thesis statement