Thesis means in urdu

Dear sir
Why are you always trying to be isralic? Maybe our forefathers should relate somewhat from that origin but what now?? And what’s the proof of your being an Israeli? The genetic mach doesn’t sound better because if you match the genes of pashtoon of balouchistan with irani people then it will match with a good accuracy! Similarly if you match the genes of pashtoon with hazara, uzbak, and hindko speakers etc then also the accuracy will be good!! I’m the pashtoon and my grand father has sayed that our family descended from banuhashim! Banuhashim I don’t know much but were the descendent of ismail and bani israil! So what is its benefit now to me? My forefathers were great but why is This Israel present state making this genetic matchup about pashtoons???

“Plus, according to a 1996 report from the . Forest Service, the rate of harvest for softwood trees in the southern United States outpaced growth for the first time since 1953.”
for 43 years we had a surplus of trees and to make up for that you need
a deficient of trees. Otherwise our tree farms would cover more and
more area until it consumed the entire universe. Joking aside, sources
from 15 years ago, at the time of the article, aren’t a valid way to
imply that we are running out of resources.

Thesis means in urdu

thesis means in urdu


thesis means in urduthesis means in urduthesis means in urduthesis means in urdu