Tips for helping students with homework

The earlier kids are taught how to be responsible with social media and not use it as a weapon, the better. Google has teamed up with educators and internet safety groups to form the Be Internet Awesome campaign . The goal is simple: teach elementary and middle school students to be kind to each other on social media as well as practice internet safety. The campaign has laid out relatively simple codes for being a responsible internet citizen, such as treating online communication like face-to-face communication and creating guidelines about what is and isn’t appropriate to say or share.

The reward may be achieving the goal in itself, but for some goals a little something extra will make achieving that goal even better. As adults, if we set a goal to lose five pounds, and we achieve that goal, we may treat ourselves to a special shopping trip, or a dessert to celebrate our accomplishment. If a student’s goal was to turn in his or her homework on time every day for a month that may not be as rewarding as physically seeing that you lost five pounds. Set up a reward with the student that you both agree on: Something that will help them to continue to see the benefit of achieving their goals.

I ABSOLUTELY love what you are saying here! It supports (and cites other sources of support) what a think many teachers are unconsciously or purposefully moving away from in order to “teach to get to the final answer” that would be on a test.
I have been teaching for 12 years and at the beginning of each year, I would start off with a unit discussing how perceptions define and influence thought. Whether scientific or not, perception is the foundation of our beliefs and the number one goal of the discussions with the students is that they need reliable DATA to back up their thoughts. I have moved from the formal teaching arena and plan on working with home school and informal science groups, but will definitely be using this article as a source in the years to come! Is there a particular way you prefer to be cited (outside the APA electronic article format)?

Tips for helping students with homework

tips for helping students with homework


tips for helping students with homeworktips for helping students with homeworktips for helping students with homeworktips for helping students with homework