Trinity college thesis submission

How you chose your thesis topic? I wanted to write about the Civil War and came upon a passage in James McPherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom about the First Battle of Bull Run, “The paradox of Bull Run: its legacy of confidence both hurt and helped the South; the humiliation and renewed determination both hurt and helped the North” (McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom , 350). I found this analysis of Bull Run to be really interesting, so I presented the idea of writing about the First Battle of Bull Run to Professor Gac. He liked the idea, but said the topic should be narrowed significantly, so he recommended I write about Connecticut’s reaction to the battle. As I researched, I found that the battle affected politicians and soldiers differently, so I chose to pursue that comparison as my topic.

The decision to attend Trinity was pivotal in my life…I was encouraged to glorify God in all endeavors. Academically I was challenged with rigorous study that laid the foundation for my future work in critical care medicine. Courses and activities were calculated to train leaders. I was honored to be selected as a Flight Nurse with UVA Pegasus, the critical care medevac program at UVA. Without the confidence and knowledge rooted in the truth of God's Word instilled in me during my time at Trinity, I wonder if I would have had the courage to pursue this path this early in my career.

Trinity college thesis submission

trinity college thesis submission


trinity college thesis submissiontrinity college thesis submissiontrinity college thesis submissiontrinity college thesis submission