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During his 40 years of polo, Glen Holden's tournament wins include the Pacific Coast Open, the . Open Championship and the Governor’s Cup. A leading force in the development of international polo, he was a founding member of the Federation of International Polo and served as its president from 1997 through 2005. Holden served 10 years as a USPA governor and was co-founder of "Polo on the Mall" in Washington, . His substantial efforts secured the longevity of the Santa Barbara Polo Club and he was an advocate of California polo, serving as Pacific Coast Governor from 1976-1985. His generous contributions to polo causes are exemplified in the Holden International Fund to develop the polo skills of young players from around the world.

Onassis continues to be regarded as one of the most beloved and iconic first ladies in American history. Throughout her life, she was a ubiquitous presence on lists of the most admired and respected women in the world. Learned, beautiful and eminently classy, Onassis has come to symbolize an entire epoch of American culture. "She epitomized elegance in the post–World War II era," historian Douglas Brinkley once said. "There's never been a first lady like Jacqueline Kennedy, not only because she was so beautiful but because she was able to name an entire era 'Camelot' ... no other first lady in the 20th century will be able to have that aura. She's become an icon."

Citizens in each state plus those in the District of Columbia indirectly elect the president and vice president . When casting ballots in presidential elections they are voting for presidential electors , who then, using procedures provided in the 12th amendment , elect the president and vice president. There were 538 electors for the most recent presidential election in 2016 . [22] Each state is entitled to a number of electors equal to the total number of representatives and senators from that state; the District of Columbia is entitled to three electors. [23]

Us essays museum

u s essays museum


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