White rabbit thesis

The Franklin Institute is a museum in Philadelphia that takes hands-on science seriously. Exhibits ask visitors to do everything from learning about Newton’s laws of motion by using pulleys to lift themselves off the ground, to showing the limits of short-term memory by seeing how many numbers visitors can remember in order to open an increasingly complex combination safe. The museum even holds monthly themed “Science After Hours” events to ensure learning about science remains exciting for people of all ages. Last night, the Franklin Institute’s after-hours event was themed around crime scene investigations, with special stations set up around the museum to teach visitors everything from cryptography to forensic science, through live demonstrations. Mixed into the schedule was a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum for the first 20 museum members to sign up.

Generic Structure Analysis on Example of Narrative Text – Snow White
1. Orientation; introducing specific participants; Snow White
2. Complication; revealing a series of crisis: Snow White’s aunt and uncle would leave her in a castle, Snow White run away, Snow White felt hungry in the wood.
3. Resolution; the crisis is resolve: the dwarfs permitted Snow White lived in their cottage lived happily
Language Feature Analysis
o Using saying verb ; answered
o Using thinking verb ; decided
o Using action verb ; run away
o Using time conjunctio n; once upon a time, one day
o Using connectives; then, meanwhile
o Using simple past tense ; she heard her uncle

White rabbit thesis

white rabbit thesis


white rabbit thesiswhite rabbit thesiswhite rabbit thesiswhite rabbit thesis